Tips to Taking Upscale Real Estate Photos Using Smartphones

By:Rena Mae Gocotano|January 10, 2020

Somewhere in the world right now, a realtor is straining for a perfect shot for property listing. Pictures and other visual presentations are undeniably on the game when it comes to getting property buyers to be on love at first sight. For some, heavy camera gears are the only thing that can produce the magic out of the box, but smart and practical ones think otherwise. Out of the cave, in with the now-era, smartphones make people’s lives not worth any stress and a significant effort reduction, especially for work and businesses. However, this is not to imply that pictures taken from DSLRs are underrated. It never fails to shoot professional photos, of course. But in an industry where time and chances are not bottomless, a real estate practitioner should know that property listing power tools can sometimes come handy and just right in the pocket.

Now that the realization sinks in, impulsive hands might want to grab a phone and go overboard with multiple taps without properly giving justice to its every shot. One should always remember that property listing is like a food menu of a resto; no customer would want a blurry curry nor low-quality parsley. Presenting real estate should look like a lemon juice and soya sauce marinated fresh-sliced beef steak, for one’s chance of getting the deal will not be at stake (pun intended). There are so many things one can do to come up with stunning amenities or house landscape photos, and one would have to strike it good in these following tips: 

Aim for a space angle 

Photography can be playful at angles, and it does not usually aim to trick the viewers, though, but rather to display the different charms of a subject. When capturing for a small room, it is delicate for a camera to be positioned in the corner to avoid making it look smaller than it is. Instead of the suffocating feeling that the room creates, the angle will show an uncluttered and ethereal wall shot. One can never go wrong with corner shots, notably for properties. Another advantage of capturing pictures in an opposite corner is that one can maneuver of the things one would not want to include in the photo, generally, parts of a property that are not fully developed yet, such as half-painted doors, walkways and under renovated staircases. 

Let there be light

The first and foremost essential element of photography is lighting. There are editing tools that able to aid a poor exposure photo, but it can only do so much. Nothing beats a natural light that produces a clear and non-grainy photograph. One may open all possible outlets where light could pass through: windows, curtains, doors, blinds, and switching the lights on, to achieve the ample quality of light needed. Soft tones can be chase during the early morning and late afternoon. On a caution, no matter how people wish to have a perfect-picture sunny sky all day, there are just days that one might resort to staged lighting like, in cloudy weather, bleak days or one would need to shoot in a room without a window. Few spare car light bulbs with a color temperature of 5600k will do the job in bringing out a bright and cheerful atmosphere in the photo. 

Explore your creative mind

Smartphones have built-in features that improve photo aesthetics. One would be the shifting of an image. Tapping the different spots of the screen will help one find the area of focus that offers the brightest shot and eliminates shady areas. High Dynamic Range (HDR) setting is a standard tool in mobile phones that ables the color, and the brightness of a photo  balanced. One can also experiment with a camera’s flash, hold the camera above eye level or lower to the ground, anything that can create a sense of openness in the space. Edits can be done but only to highlight the innate characteristics of a property and should not come to the point of viewer manipulation. 

Real estate Philippines is a developing industry, no wonder it has also become a pool of competition between realty professionals and unfortunately ‘colorum’ ones. But just like any race in life, one can learn from different people in the field. Houses, office spaces, and lands, no matter how one presents it through impressive images and creative angles, selling to clients and finding home seekers a place will always require more than just photographs. Integrity and sincerity complete the job. 

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