Service Apps to the Rescue for Lipat-Bahay Problems

By:Rena Mae Gocotano|December 06, 2019

One must have always been familiar with those advertising commercials of a newly opened villa that has a family moving into the new house, children running around the place, mom and dad are pointing at the ceiling and smiling with no signs of hardships in their faces even though each one of them is carrying boxes. Boxes that are pretty empty. In real life, no matter how one desires to look fresh while carrying grandma’s antique cabinet, sweating and haggard tendencies are just no escape. This is the most stressful for families bringing a lot of belongings, some handling the kids not to break that vase given by friends from the wedding or pushing all the stuff to family’s vehicle hoping for one round trip of the transfer. Instead of absorbing the good fortune of another life chapter, getting excited to plant flowers in an owned garden, and finally trying the amenities that were not found in an apartment for rent turns out, only one would want is to give those tired limbs a break.

With the rising demands of customers’ various needs, companies are now adopting a completely new business model utilized by digital marketplaces and one if it is the immediate provisioning of goods and services. From the Harvard Business Review report, the on-demand economy is getting higher periodically. Industrial activities today are centered around online platforms and attracting more than 22.4 million consumers and $57.6 billion in spending. Sure there are absolute reasons why people find these  digital minions a great deal to help them get through the day. In the Philippines, there are three most suggested service apps for food and logistics deliveries that will save busy bees during moving in. 

1. MyKuya


By the name itself, MyKuya (which when translated is My Brother) is a helping hand on demand to help service-seeking consumers and enterprises by matching them with trained and capable Kuyas and Ates to happily assist with a variety of daily errands, making  day-to-day life easier and more efficient. MyKuya has three easy steps to successfully book a service: Request, Match,and Chat.

First, a consumer must indicate what are the things that need to get done, the exact location and the estimated time allotment for the task. Next, it will match the user with a trained and capable partner, qualified to complete the job. Lastly, once matched the customer can chat with an Ate or Kuya to ensure the task will be accomplished without worry. Users may have an assumption of paying a high cost upon the service but MyKuya ensures that a consumer should only pay for the needed assistance. The app’s timer where the user indicates the time needed for the task is to calculate the total cost of the service. 

2. Transportify


Anyone will give a big nod in their heads if they happen to be asked if items of furniture are quite handful to carry during moving in. Fortunately, one can just cross it out from the list  because Transportify is not only a delivery app but also transport service for home appliances and equipment. The app offers a lipat-bahay truck for rent where users can move from one house to another with a few taps and clicks. Consumers can book days before the moving date but what makes it great is one can immediately move the same day of booking transaction, provided that there is a Transportify lipat-bahay truck in the area.

Consumers’ needs vary depending on their current situation and it’s required assistance. Transportify allows users to customize the service they would like to avail, which includes the type of the vehicle and the number of movers or helpers needed in the job. Depending on their budget, patrons can choose from economy class, L300 van or closed van. One can also specify if the driver is the only one that will be carrying the packages or the driver will be accompanied by one or two helpers. When it comes to the payment process, Transportify would like users to be hassle-free all throughout the transaction. If the client can not pay using a credit card, they can pay cash to the driver after the booking is accomplished. Rest assured that the website and mobile app will allow clients to see their bill as well as the confirmation of the payment. 



On the day of moving out from the old house, work will not end right after one has transferred all the baggage and packages to the new abode. It is just the start of more and more tasks that is why caters services aside from the lipat-bahay assistance. accounts home, events, health & fitness, automotive & transport, office and even lessons. The user will first have to tap Request Services wherein one will choose what kind of service is needed and where will be the location for the transaction. After the request, it is then set to Get Connected, the system will send quotes or assign a vendor at fixed prices. The client can pay the vendor when the job is completely accomplished. indeed is pretty much the answer for one’s aches on a long list of to-do. Home services include Pest Control; Cleaning; Plumbing; Electrical; Aircon Services; and Interior Design. For events’ essentials: Food; Beverage; Catering Services; and Entertainment Package. They also cater to wellness training and office maintenance services. 

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