Home Sellers Do That Will Make Buyers Say No

By:Rena Mae Gocotano|December 19, 2019

Selling homes or any properties can be generally stressful. From updating one’s listings to hunting for prospect buyers, things will never be zero-sweat easy. Sometimes sellers tend to aid and flaunt steps that might be a turn off to buyers. Desperately making a move for a property to sell will possibly lead to more complicated results. The buyers, on the other hand, have specific requirements and conditions in looking for a place, not just a shelter from rain and heat but a place that can be a home. While they seemed happy with the presented amenities, future homeowners also observe during the opening house and even to the last minute before they sign the papers. Like courting one’s person of interest, one would never want to blow all the butterflies away and left with a resounding ‘No.’

There is certainly nothing wrong with exerting efforts to keep a property off the market, but that place might have been home for a while, and ensuring the next family to feel it too is the least thing one can do. Being cautious in handling buyers is necessarily advisable not to kiss that next dollar goodbye. Although one can subconsciously make these following mistakes, it will be safer to identify such in advance before one schedule a client meeting.

Being Emotionally Attached 

The house may be the fruit of one’s blood and sweat from working abroad. Backdoor garden may have been the family’s favorite hang out the hub. Uncle John Doe, who is an interior designer, may have burst the best color palette in the walls. The big but is, the future homeowner may have a different ideal version in mind. It is hard to let go of the things that one has loved for a very long time, but as a seller, one must start to think about the things that will make the buyer envision his or her future in the house. That is only possible if space will look neutral and soft. The old features will be replaced with appearances that are more marketable. Seeing the place as a commodity and not an extension of the former owner’s identity will increase the chance of making the target buyer say the magic word in ablaze.

Over Pricing 

When it comes to property value especially in real estates Philippines, one can never assume that the price will be the same amount since the date of the last purchase. It changes through time, and whether it hurts or not, the house’s worth is only what the market is willing to pay today, according to Ellen Derrick of LearnVest Planning Services, who has bought and sold eight homes, including investment properties. She further stated that what is in the unit does not matter anymore or even how much one’s mortgage is. Experts’ advice is to consult a professional realtor, for they are undoubtedly familiar with how much the homes are garnering now, especially the same type one is currently trying to sell. Dropping a significant amount of bombs will curb buyers and might leave the seller with nothing instead. 

Less concern in marketing

Yes, that one ‘instagrammable’ photo one has snapped by the door is, unquestionably, and amazingly not enough. If clothes have several angles to show the details for buyers to see themselves rocking those jeans in the upcoming party, then it’s a double, triple must for sellers to appropriately take pictures notably on the house’ features and amenities. ‘For sale’ stickers and signage poles are not even enough to lure prospective buyers. A person has only two hands, but it can capably handle a variety of marketing options. The seller may plan of what will be the next best move to do with the platforms available digitally and traditionally. People live now in an era where buyers do not only depend on word-of-mouth; this single point initially cues that sellers should double the effort by actively posting pictures, update listings, and spread it to a great number of buyers.

Doing it all alone…but are you doing it right?

If one is a season pro seller and property auction is just in the palm of his hands, then For Sale by Owner will cut short the massive job. However, even anti-bacterial has the possibility of failing at the remaining 1%; one must consider as well getting help from a professional. A licensed realtor will professionally guide the seller of the latest disclosure laws. Such matter is certainly crucial since it is not every day that people are selling or buying houses plus, a big chunk of money is at stake. Depending on the laws in a specific state, the seller will be accepting liability by trying to sell it all alone unless one has a friend or an attorney who can pilot the process. Realtors know the current pricing in the market. Therefore, they can identify whether the offer is reasonable. They are also the ones who initiate the negotiation smartly. 

Perhaps there are different reasons why a homeowner is selling his or her house, but one thing’s for sure, to be able to sell it at a justifiable price is always the common goal. The buyer may not see how the previous one perceived of the property. However, as long as the house is clean and transparent in all honesty, the next homeowner will value it the same way the last household did. After all, the owner-seller is offering more than just the structure; he is presenting a home.

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