ASR Realty and Brokerage Company Year End Awards: Celebrating Growth & Excellence

By:Rena Mae Gocotano|February 24, 2020

Recognizing robust synergy in the realm of championing commendable performance in the property sector, ASR Realty and Brokerage Company held its Year End Awards Night for 2019 honoring top sellers and valuable partners at Bayfront Hotel Cebu, 19th of February, 2020. 

Under the leadership of Aerlowe Suarez Relatorres, the founder and CEO of ASR, the brokerage company is paving its way in delivering more quality client services upholding the essentials of professional realty assistance. ASR having seven brokers and 100 agents, honors their very own company’s six working culture: Growth; the Best version of yourself; Bold; Consistency and Purpose. 

The night was officially opened by Fretzchie Relatorres, the Operations Manager of ASR and the ever supportive other half of Aerlowe Relatorres, welcomed the guests through her warm message,”Tonight is not just a celebration of your success but a celebration of every sacrifice that had to be made. Tonight is also a celebration of possibilities that in this industry, it’s possible to be more, whatever that means to you. It could be more of your personal label of yourself or more than you thought you are. We are honored to do this with you, so my sincere thank you for the energy, the passion, the drive to reach your goal inspire us every day,” said Fretzchie.

She emphasized the sentiments that most realtors share when it comes to handling careers in life. One can never always get the best of both worlds, but nor no doors are ever closed for someone who perseveres. “We always have to improve even if it’s a really small improvement, and we have to strive to continue to improve. Just imagine 365 mini improvements in one year, that’s already a huge advantage on your part compared to the person who doesn’t even try,” she added. 

Fretzchie Relatorres, Operations Manager of ASR Realty and Brokerage Company

ASR Year End Awards Night shares the sweet celebration not only with the company’s high-performing agents but also to its associates who founded strong partnerships in the real estate Philippines industry namely the respective developers from Priland Development Corp., Jeffrey Mejares & Irvin Pastoriza; Cebu Landmasters Incorporated, Rochia Morcia Cespedes, Chevelyn Ocasla, &  Madelline Tojoy; Johndorf Property Ventures, Rafael Roi Tamayo; Castille Resources Realty Development Inc., Arlene Kate Abac; RTU Land Inc., Jhoe Pezra; Citrine Land Corp., Eprel Mare Cabigas; Nexus Real Estate Corp., Sheena Mae Mejares; Primeworld Land Holdings Inc., Jami Lee Calimutan & Ella Rica Demana; BDO, Werly Jumao-as. 

One night of dazzle and a pause from hustle, professional realtors of ASR enjoyed the party by joining fun games with mind-blowing cash prizes.  For a moment, the worries of everyday matters froze, and wondrous laughs lit property busy bees. A real bonus for hardworking individuals. 

ASR Realty and Brokerage Company members during the fun games.

After the blast of winning and losing little sports, it was time to honor the agents who showed prodigious performance in dedicating one’s time and efforts with outstanding results. The first set of citation was  the Achiever’s Award given to Mel Monsour Abellana, Genevieve Ablangque, Alvin & Jennifer Ariego, Jovelyn Batucan, Sarah Mie Cabahug, Rio Greza Canonigo, Neil Reginald Dolotina, Rebecca, Eufan, Roland Joseph, Israel Judilla, Wyllene Jane Obasan, Stephany Jane Quimco, Jeriane Rendon, Endina, Ronia, Krisbee Sanchez, Sahara May Sayruddin, Evelyn Tantoy, and Villanueva Joshua Louise. Rookie of the Year was given to Sheryl Manalang Acedilla.

Like in any industry, everyone deserves a verdict for exerting one’s excellence in a particular field, but the ceremony also calls for greater recognition to those who transcend beyond limits. Therefore ASR acknowledged its Top Sellers of 2019 bagged by on the third spot Alpafhe & Clint Jotojot, top seller second place Arnel Herda, and of course, the top one seller, Jan Michael Villamor. 

Jan Michael Villamor, the Top 1 seller of ASR Realty and Brokerage Company for 2019

Villamor, who was currently the man of the hour showed his gratitude to all the people who composed his success as a professional top selling agent of 2019, “You see guys this two (the Relatorres) took a chance on me actually literally as in murag they gave me a call and you know told me give it a shot, it was like being asked to light the darkness in the night like the moon when they know I am just a star among the group of stars,” said Villamor. He also left his co-realtors inspirational advice to live by,“Let
me leave you with this, let us affect each other, let us be each other’s inspiration life will force you on auto-pilot take hold and take control of your life. In real estate, you just don’t know that one big deal will be changing your life forever, “
he added.

Aerlowe Suarez Relatorre, CEO & founder of ASR Realty and Brokerage Company

Proud of his constituents, members and co-realtors CEO and founder of ASR Realty and Brokerage Company Aerlowe Suarez Relatorres closed the night with a resounding and a meaningful message for everyone. “The challenge remains guys, as this industry is very promising, it is also very challenging. There’s going to be a lot of rejections, more competitions and just remember that we don’t need to compete with anyone. We just need to compete with ourselves, focus on ourselves, just compete with our procrastinations, just compete with our self  doubt, just compete with our emotion, and always remember you’re greatest why,” said Relatorres.

When asked about the developments and improvements for ASR, Relatorres only aims for one thing, and that is for his members to maintain teamwork and the value of making clients happy of what they truly deserve in real estate services. 

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