Flourishing Real Estate Philippines: More Design Opportunities

By:Rena Mae Gocotano|September 11, 2019

As Philippine real estate paves its way to massive growth, other aspects under property development are also in prosperous success. Filipino Interior Designer Nicole Tan, affirmed that through the great prosperity in the said industry, there is an escalation of house design opportunities. Nicole mentioned Cebu in particular, its extraordinary features of coastline and mountains that also have wide property investments from locals and abroad.

Nicole Tan is a licensed architect who practiced her profession with a corporate architectural firm and environmental planning company in Metro Manila. From there, she learned that multi-design fields are interrelated. Here, she discovered her genuine curiosity for interior design and pursued the passion for it by finishing a one and a half year course of interior design, she then graduated with top marks as valedictorian. After six years of thorough experience working in a distinguished architectural and design firm, she is now part of Realm & Workshop, a firm where she currently works with people whom she shares with utmost dedication in a humble studio setting. Nicole has her main interest in minimal and thoughtful design in interior architecture details and ambiance spaces.

When Nicole started her work in Cebu, she found the city as an incredible and a ‘homey’ place to stay in. She also gave an appreciation to its locals who according to her are warm and sincere. As mentioned above, Nicole recognized Cebu as one of the places in the Philippines that has a high potential of property assets that are contributing now to the status of the country’s real estate. This favored fate of the realty industry boosts the surge of house design Philippines. Nicole is currently into interior envisions of some residentials in Cebu City. She shared that among her clientele are foreigners too who know more about Cebu than she does. 

So much more of Nicole finding the delight of practicing her craft in Cebu, she also gave thoughts on her artistry aspects in interior design, process, ideas, inspiration and tips for homes. 

Functionality or Aestheticism 

Nicole prefers to think that function and beauty are two different aspects that complement each other and can be balanced. She explained further that a purposive idea can be presented well with engaging visuals. All in all, Nicole believes that art is an essential part of our lives.

Design Process

Designers may have different ways of such a process but as for Nicole, it begins with the initial meeting between client and designer. She also finds it humbling learning each others’ working capacities together as both will have significant influence along the process. Designs will be refined from schematics to construction, a successful output plan comes with parameters that are interpreted and translated into beautiful space with the specified collaterals. 

Ideas and Inspirations for New Designs

Nicole conceives that ideas could come from many sources that designers are inclined with a sensitivity to perceive. Nature, for instance, provides everyone an infinite source for inspiration. Next, Nicole also considers traveling important to understand people from different walks of life around the world who possibly have distinct views. Through unlike perspectives, the culture will lead individuals to diversity in approaching life conflicts. She also enjoys discussions with creative minds while testing ideas on whether it can withstand accurate critique before bringing it for application.

Tips for Homes

Home interiors are one of the buyers’ concerns for property and Nicole suggests that one’s preferred design must contribute to the meaningfulness and efficiency of people’s everyday life. More than a decorative approach, one must also consider the finishes, furniture, and materials that will bring restful and unique ambiance by selecting simple and timeless quality pieces that last longer until it’s the best value. Sufficient storage should be planned to manage spaces for better living experience, she also added.

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